5 Day FREE Challenge

How To Set Up Your Home Franchise


In this 5 Day Challenge, you'll learn:


How To Run Your Home Like a Franchise and Not a Small Business

There's a reason why small businesses have a high failure rate, and franchises have a much higher success rate. Learn the strategy and adapt it to your home life for incredible results!


The Power of Delegation

I'm not talking about just haphazardly assigning tasks, but a proven systematic way based on the lowest skill level needed and who fits the criteria.


How to Foster a Team Spirit Attitude In The Home

Taking it a step further after you have your policy and procedure manual handy, I let you in on the secrets of the small daily activities and language to avoid resentment and bad attitudes and develop a team spirit and strong work ethic.

Are you ready to go from confidence to confidence when running your daily home life?

  • Every day is chaotic, and while you know what you want to accomplish, it's just not happening?
  • If you had to step away, could your house run smoothly without you?
  • Are you exhausted t from taking on too much while your kids struggle to adopt a healthy work habit? (This also translates to study habits, by the way!)



A Note From Your Coach...

Give me five days with five steps.

I promise to take you along the journey step by step, sharing my strategies and tips to launch a new sustainable home life!

I first got a taste of this when I ended up in the hospital, and life at home with several children had to happen without me. Seeing my husband do things without doing it my way gave me pause but not enough to change my "mommy martyrdom/superhero complex" ways.
After reading a business book, I had a huge aha moment that changed the trajectory of our home life; now, I can't wait to share that plan with you!
**Please Keep In Mind*** this is NOT the FULL Course. You can learn more bout the entire course here.


What You Can Expect:

5 Video Emails over the course of the next 5 days. You will also be included in my Sustainable Homeschooling Mailing List but you can opt out and cancel anytime.