Before starting a family I worked in the hospitality industry first as a convention services coordinator in Orlando, Florida.

After a few years, I made a radical decision for someone who had a fear of flying; to apply for a flight attendant position working for a private charter company.

The job brought me to Atlanta, Georgia, and I was able to fly around the world, from beautiful Hawaii to cold Kyrgyzstan. It was on a trip from Germany to Kuwait that I met a handsome, funny, charming man, who would take me on a different kind of adventure, and here we are!

My wonderful husband, Joe, and I along with our six children, ages 12 and under, live in Phoenix, Arizona. My husband is an engineering technician, and I am a full-time homeschooling mom year-round. We live in a house full of unique personalities and talents, from artists, pianists, and bakers to math enthusiasts - every day is a new interest and adventure.


My personal story with the Robinson Curriculum was brought on by a difficult circumstance.

During my last pregnancy, a blood clot developed; and due to an unknown congenital heart defect, I suffered a stroke. By the grace of God, I had no real permanent side effects and my baby was born perfectly fine.

However what followed afterward was a difficult time with excessive doctors appointments, worry, stress, and an emotional roller coaster for the entire family.  Trying to stay on top of homeschooling was stressful enough and compounded by a 9, 7, 5, 3, 2 year old and a newborn.

As a family of 8 on one income and dealing with additional medical expenses, there was no money or time to shop for programs that may be better suited for our situation. We tried a free public school option for in home but soon found out that all subjects, for all children were on very different levels - very overwhelming.


I heard about the Robinson Curriculum and decided to call for information on their scholarship. After writing to Dr. Robinson about our situation, I soon received a package in the mail with the curriculum set. Once we began implementing, it soon changed our lives for the better.

That package has been one of the most precious gifts I have received in my life. I owe Dr. Robinson a huge debt of gratitude. I am humbled and so passionate now to serve as an ambassador spreading awareness for this curriculum. Behind the curriculum is not a corporation driven by profits, it is Dr. Robinson, his family and a small team that truly cares about every individual.​


I noticed when I started the Robinson Curriculum, there weren’t a lot of Youtube videos so I began sharing about the methodology. What followed after that was a dream come true, a community started forming and the Robinson Curriculum team asked me to be an ambassador for them. With their support and encouragement, I continue to ramp up my efforts with new content every day. Our House would not be possible without RC and the wonderful community of families that support us.


Watch my Full Testimony and Listen to my Full RC Journey Below :)

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