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5 Tips for a Successful Homeschooling Year (From a WFM Mom of 6)

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2023

As a homeschooling mother of six, I have learned much about what works and what doesn't when creating a successful homeschooling year. Whether you homeschool year-round like my family or follow a traditional school year schedule, these five tips are essential for setting yourself up for success.

1. Spot and Fill the Academic Gaps

One of the challenges of homeschooling is ensuring that your child is progressing academically and not missing any key concepts. There are bound to be gaps in their learning, no matter how diligent you are. Identifying and working on these gaps before starting the new school year is important.

In the past, finding resources to fill these gaps could be time-consuming and overwhelming. I created my course, Bridging the Gaps, to simplify the process. This course includes all the necessary resources and step-by-step instructions to assess your child's gaps and help them improve. Addressing these gaps before starting the new year prepares your child for success.

2. Plan Ahead Strategically

Planning is crucial for homeschooling but doesn't have to be complicated. Rather than creating elaborate lesson plans, it's more effective to clearly understand the materials and how you will tackle them each day.

Consider using a self-teaching curriculum like the Robinson curriculum, which provides structured daily lessons. This approach eliminates the need for extensive planning while allowing your child to progress at their own pace. By strategically planning and utilizing a self-teaching curriculum, you simplify the process and make homeschooling more sustainable and enjoyable for you and your child.

3. Prepare a Distraction-Free Learning Environment

Creating a conducive learning environment is essential for fostering concentration and productivity. Unlike a traditional classroom, the learning environment at home doesn't require posters and elaborate decorations. Minimizing distractions is key to effective homeschooling.

Dr. Robinson, the creator of the Robinson curriculum, emphasizes having a clean, uncluttered desk as the learning space. This helps children focus on their work without unnecessary distractions. Additionally, evaluate the items in your homeschooling space and ensure they support your goals. Organize materials in a way that makes them easily accessible and removes any potential distractions.

4. Set Goals and Visualize Success

Goal setting is not limited to academic milestones; it also applies to personal skill development. Take the time to sit down with each child and ask about their goals for the upcoming year. This discussion will provide valuable insight into their interests and areas where they may struggle.

Visualizing success is a powerful tool for motivating both you and your child. Encourage them to imagine themselves accomplishing their goals and discuss the actions needed to make them a reality. Focusing on positive outcomes and visualizing success will make you more likely to find resources and opportunities to support your child's goals.

5. Establish a Flexible Routine

While detailed schedules can be overwhelming and difficult to maintain, establishing a flexible routine is essential. Routines provide structure and help establish a sense of normalcy, especially for younger children. They provide a consistent framework for the day, even during interruptions.

Consider dividing your day into blocks, such as morning, afternoon, and evening routines. This allows for flexibility while ensuring that certain activities, such as academic work, chores, and leisure time, are consistently incorporated. By creating a routine, you and your child will clearly understand expectations, making homeschooling a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, these five tips will help you create a successful homeschooling year. Addressing academic gaps, planning strategically, preparing a distraction-free learning environment, setting goals, and establishing a flexible routine are all essential components of a thriving homeschooling experience. By implementing these tips, you can provide your child with a solid education while enjoying the homeschooling journey together. 



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