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How to Save a Bad Homeschool Day | 11 Ways

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2022

I'm guessing you, too, have had days where the day was a flop despite your best intentions and game plan. If we are sincere, it's not always just a bad day; sometimes, it's a bad week, month, or few months. I know I have had crisis moments where I dealt with health challenges while pregnant and emotionally fragile. I am glad I pushed through, and it was because of that trial that I had to switch to something more sustainable..the Robinson Curriculum, and I never looked back.


Even with a fantastic self-study methodology, I still had my bad and hectic days and learned that my attitude towards the day was EVERYTHING. Seriously, if you think you are failing at this, you will. Suppose you re-frame it as an opportunity to learn differently while you get your bearings or take care of something..then WIN-WIN. Perhaps this lousy day mindset could be a topic for a future School House live- let me know if you would be interested in that!


So here are my top 11 ways to salvage a bad homeschool day. Links below as well. 


1. Puzzles Shown: Dogs

2. Fold and Fly-

3. Snap Circuits-
4. Math Games-
5. Hand Lettering Kit
6. Geography Games (Scrambled States)
8. Language Art Games Word Witt -
9. Writing Letters/ Cards- Comic Book Kit
10. Science Kits
11. GA Henty Books-

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