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5 Reasons I Still LOVE The Robinson Curriculum 2022

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2022

Today I am sharing the top 5 reasons why I still love RC! 

In a culture where it can become prevalent to switch things up every year, sticking with a self-teaching methodology focusing on the three R's can seem, well..rather dull. 

In this video, I will address two forms of "boredom" that deal with the curriculum itself and the books on the RC book list. As you can imagine, both come down to MINDSET and REFRAMING for parents and kids.  

In short, this WORKS is SUSTAINABLE and produces fantastic results; the cherry on the cake is that it's also highly affordable. 


This quote best explains how you must do the mental work to enjoy, appreciate and move mountains fully with the simple.

I hope my courses Sustainable Homeschooling 101, RC Course for Littles, and even How to Run Your Home like a Franchise help you with the mindset component.

I will be going live this Friday to answer your questions! I hope to see you there. Not a member? Join here and have access to all my courses. 



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