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5 Amazing Things That Happen With Daily RC Writing

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2022

5 Amazing Things That Happen With Daily RC Writing 


1. They will look for opportunities to write.

Once they start writing every day, it quickly becomes part of who they are and what they do. Even on days where you “skip” school/writing, they will write a letter, comic, journal or write notes to self. 

2. They Become More Organized.

As they recognize their love of and need for writing, they will move beyond getting it over with a more structured approach. Most successful writers — whatever that may mean to you — schedule their writing time first and actually put it on their calendars. RC students already have the advantage of it being part of their daily academic routine.

3. Their Writer’s Block Will Disappear.

Every writer has experienced that awful feeling of sitting down and just staring at the blank paper, waiting for words to appear. This affliction, of course, is writer’s block, and it’s most often the result of rust and a fear of how good (or bad) their writing will be. RC students know that the pressure is off, they simply need to start writing and expect feedback in order to make it better. Especially if they have taken Dr. Lybrand’s writing course, they will have zero fear in writing and never run out of ideas to write about again.

4. Their Vocabulary Will Grow.

There are only so many times you can type that your character “walked” to the door or “said” something insightful before they bore themselves to tears. Within the span of every few hundred words, they’re likely to touch on the same topic at least a couple of times, but they’ll want to keep their language fresh. The more RC books they read, the more their vocabulary will expand and the language will show up in their daily writing assignments.

5. They’ll Read More.

Most writers are already voracious readers, but once they pick up the daily habit, they’ll crave the written word more than ever. Books, articles, blogs, and newspapers offer all sorts of perks for writers, from an expanded vocabulary to new story ideas. Yes, my kids have their fair share of screen time but when I also see them reading my Wall Street Journal, Tom Sawyer, My African Journey by Winston Churchill, a book as soon as they wake up, the Bible before they go to bed..I know they are going to be alright.

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