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Does Homeschooling Affect Social Connections?

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2022

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The pandemic has impacted our way of life in various ways. I think one positive effect is the awareness of social connection and how important it is for everyone. 

Also did you notice when kids were forced to stay home as well as many workers, that no one was concerned with socialization?


My husband is one of those people who now permanently works from home. No one, I assure you, is asking him "What about socialization?". No one would also say that working from home should not be an option because of it. 

I doubt we will hear the socialization criticism anymore, but if it does come up you could ask if working from home jobs are harmful to adults because of lack of socialization?

I think this brings us to a better place of discussion, of course it would be ridiculous to altogether ban or label something as harmful, but rather yes social connection is important but it is the responsibility of the individual or in a minor's case, the parent. 

Assuming you are not in a "lockdown" of course a working-from-home adult has plenty of opportunities for social interactions JUST like a homeschooler does as well.

However, what if I told you lack of interactions is NOT what makes someone socially awkward. Rest assured, there are plenty of socially awkward people, introverts who never leave the house, who are not, were not homeschooled. 

Correlation is not causation.

 There are in fact people who have social anxiety and are socially awkward, and it does not have to do with how you were educated.

Research shows that the biggest factor is what is going on inside the person's mind with their expectations, that then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. 

 As a parent there are things that you can do and avoid to raise socially awkward adults. That is what we are going to talk about during tomorrow's live Q & A. We are going to explore the fascinating research of Nicolas Epley and how this information has forever impacted me.

Applying what I know now, has helped me to live a deeper, fuller and yes happier life. In the science of well being, social connection is a must and neglecting this area in raising children is a mistake.

However, I will NOT tell you to sign them up for every sport activity, co-op, library event etc. No, that is not the simple solution, you can lead a horse to water but cannot force them to drink. You can provide all the social interaction opportunities but you cannot change the way your kid's think about them to work for their long term benefit.

My solution for you is much more simple and organic and fulfilling. This applies for homeschool kids to parents. 

I hope you will join me tomorrow for this discussion at 2pm AZ time. 

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