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Get Untuck

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2022

 Do you find that you are stressed out with homeschooling? 

Are you dealing with burnout, and self-doubts and finding yourself more on the end of surviving than thriving? 

It really breaks my heart to see so many parents spend tons of money on a curriculum that looks good, and keeps up with the homeschool Joneses’, yet still not be able to achieve a homeschool structure that both feel sustainable and is truly effective

Here’s why you may not experience sustainable homeschooling: you are focusing on being efficient rather than being effective. 


Simple, right? 


Instead of choosing the right things, they want to do all the things right.


When you carefully choose the right things, you can quickly get to the root of burnout and eradicate it. 


Here are 3 reasons why choosing the right things is a better way to homeschool:

  • You build a strong foundation for your kids that is severely lacking in other educational circles
  • Kids learn self-teaching skills
  • You are free to be the parent and spouse instead of the camp counselor and teacher

I can help you with this! Over the past several years I have helped countless members of my community through one-on-one coaching and self-guided courses.

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