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Homeschool Help 101 | Math A+ Interactive Math

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2022

While homeschooling is the best decision, there can still be many challenges to overcome. Perhaps you are transitioning from one school to another, bouncing around curriculums or life events getting in the way, and now you find there are gaps in knowledge or they are falling behind?

In today's blog, we'll discuss resources that can help you successfully homeschool.

Let's talk about the most common pain point when it comes to homeschooling:


Having watched my children use it closely, I think A+ Interactive Math is a fantastic resource! It was developed by an engineer and math tutor who understands the difficulties kids have, along with his wife, who is a computer programmer, to develop this amazing online all-in-one curriculum. 

Benefits of A+ Interactive Math:

  • It’s very interactive and user intuitive so that all kids will be able to easily navigate all the components. 
  • The...
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5 Amazing Things That Happen With Daily RC Writing

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2022

5 Amazing Things That Happen With Daily RC Writing 


1. They will look for opportunities to write.

Once they start writing every day, it quickly becomes part of who they are and what they do. Even on days where you “skip” school/writing, they will write a letter, comic, journal or write notes to self. 

2. They Become More Organized.

As they recognize their love of and need for writing, they will move beyond getting it over with a more structured approach. Most successful writers — whatever that may mean to you — schedule their writing time first and actually put it on their calendars. RC students already have the advantage of it being part of their daily academic routine.

3. Their Writer’s Block Will Disappear.

Every writer has experienced that awful feeling of sitting down and just staring at the blank paper, waiting for words to appear. This affliction, of course, is writer’s block, and it’s most often the result of rust...

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My Biggest Homeschool Regret & How I am Changing It

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2022

Homeschooled children who grew up to be famous include Thomas Edison, Teddy Roosevelt, Agatha Christie, Andrew Carnegie, and Alexander Graham Bell.

I wonder if their parents had any regrets, but I think the majority of parents today with an overwhelming amount of choices, can experience FOMO or some little regrets.
bumper- me talking over it (alternate)-This video is about mine but what I am doing now to change it and how you can do it too.

Years ago I learned about the importance of parents reading aloud to their kids, aside from building comprehension, vocabulary, a love of books, the most important being a bonding activity. 
I started the tradition and bought a simple low content book called Read Aloud Family Journal.

The challenge was to read aloud 100 books together and write down our thoughts about it after each book. I loved the concept! I wanted everyone to write in it though so with 6-7 entries per book it wouldn’t last us the way the book was intended. Still, I...

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HOMESCHOOL Morning Routine | Group Learning Morning Ritual

homeschooling Feb 28, 2022


Resources Mentioned:

One Year Bible KJV

Word of the Day

A Poem for Every Day of the Year

DK Writers Their Lives and Works

Big Thoughts For Little People

George Washington's Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation

What Every Child Should Know Along the Way

For Instruction in Righteousness: A Topical Reference Guide for Biblical Child-Training-

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How To Run Your Home Like A Franchise- (Get Organized Once and For All)

RC Course For Littles (10 and Under): ...

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How to Make and Print a Book at Home (Easy Step-by Step Method)

book binding Feb 14, 2022

Would you like to learn how to make and print your books at home?

All you need is to turn your file into a PDF, and you are ready to go. I will show you the proper printer settings to make a book in booklet format using free software.
Let's get started!



Resources Mentioned:

Links to products I used:
Recommended Printer-

Epson 2760-
Epson Replacement ink-

2 hole Prong Complete Sets

2 Hole Puncher

---Cardstock for Covers

---Black Book Tape

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Homeschooling the Pre-K Years

homeschooling Jan 31, 2022

If you have children in preschool age, you are in what I like to call the “thick of it” , the most demanding part of a woman's life. If you also add older children and/or babies to the mix, you are on Defcon 1.

  At any time war can be imminent and you need to be at maximum readiness when physically you could feel the most depleted. In this video I am going to share with you what I did while being pregnant every other year for over a decade. What  works, is enough, is effective without spinning your wheels. The last thing you want to do is spend all your energy digging a hole in the winter when the ground is frozen solid, when you could have just waited until spring when you could have gotten the same result with a lot less effort and time. Before we jump into the tips, just know if you feel overwhelmed, if you feel like you lack support, encouragement, help…you are not alone. 

So if you can relate to any of this, then let’s get...

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Teaching Younger Children with the Robinson Curriculum

Does the Robinson Curriculum  require 5 or  6 year olds to have 2 hours of math, 2 hours of phonics and reading and 1 hour of writing?”No! Those study requirements as a goal which each child works toward. Do you get anxiety at the thought of adding homeschooling to the mix, when you feel like you are in the thick of it in a physically and mentally demanding season of life? 

Take a deep breath, and keep calm. Remember you already have been homeschooling from birth and I’m sure have already taught your kids several important life skills, so have confidence that you can also do this too and it doesn’t have to cost much time, money or sanity. So what’s the best way to start formal academic homeschooling to get them working independently that long? In this video I am going to go over the basics of how to start homeschooling and I will share my bias with you up front. Efficiency is doing things correctly, but effectiveness is choosing the right...

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How Do You Simplify Homeschooling? Why You Must Keep It Simple.

homeschooling Oct 08, 2021


Homeschooling is one of those things that can get expensive, overwhelming, and stressful really fast. Here are some quick reminders why you need to keep things simple and just focus on the acquisition of skills, vs knowledge. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic is enough to build a strong foundation for any future endeavors. 


Do not try to live more than one day at a time. From sunrise to sunrise is a perfect circle. Simply make that day as complete as you can. Glance over the next day's record at nightfall. Take stock of blunders and omissions and during the coming day, set them as nearly right as you can. Take stock of the blenders and omissions, think about the things you did right and wrong.? Then think about how you can make it right the next day and sleep peacefully.


Do not dwell on the fact that you may not accomplish this or that in a year or in the season. Continue adding a little and you will form a great heap. This is...

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Why You Shouldn't Teach Sight Words (How To Avoid Dyslexia)


FREE Resources::
Alpha-Phonics PDF, Flashcards, and More!

Shortcut to Manuscript-

Shortcut to Cursive-

Alpha-Phonics: PDF

Sight Words Article:
Dyslexia Article:
Sight Words and Spam Spoof-



RC Course For Littles (10 and Under):

Sustainable Homeschooling 101:

Get Organized Once and For All Free 5 Day Challenge:

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