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Teaching Younger Children with the Robinson Curriculum

Does the Robinson Curriculum  require 5 or  6 year olds to have 2 hours of math, 2 hours of phonics and reading and 1 hour of writing?”No! Those study requirements as a goal which each child works toward. Do you get anxiety at the thought of adding homeschooling to the mix, when you feel like you are in the thick of it in a physically and mentally demanding season of life? 

Take a deep breath, and keep calm. Remember you already have been homeschooling from birth and I’m sure have already taught your kids several important life skills, so have confidence that you can also do this too and it doesn’t have to cost much time, money or sanity. So what’s the best way to start formal academic homeschooling to get them working independently that long? In this video I am going to go over the basics of how to start homeschooling and I will share my bias with you up front. Efficiency is doing things correctly, but effectiveness is choosing the right...

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The Ultimate Saxon Video Information Page

homeschool saxon saxon math Aug 09, 2021

Are you using Saxon Math or thinking about it? Great! Here is your one-stop-shop, to answer all your questions and encourage you along this rewarding journey! 

Why Saxon? 


 Edition Differences:  


Must Watch Interviews on Saxon Math: 


Where To Find Older Editions: 


The Man Behind The Vision:



Interview With Nancy Larson 


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What Do You Do When Your Child Struggles With Math?


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