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saxon math Aug 18, 2021

Saxon's books are different in three ways, the first difference is that the book can be read by the students. The English language is used to explain the concepts by using straightforward declarative sentences. The example problems are numerous and each one is fully explained.

The second difference is that the concepts are presented in increments so that one increment can be practiced for several lessons before the next increment of the same concept is presented the third and most important difference is that the emphasis and every homework problem set is on review. Every topic previously presented is reviewed in every homework problem set, thus each problem set is 85% review and only 15 % on the new topic.

I really love and appreciate the story behind Saxon Math the writers who persevered against all odds, the uniqueness in the methodology of incremental development with continual review.

"We must have highly effective programs that have been tested in hundreds of...

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The Ultimate Saxon Video Information Page

homeschool saxon saxon math Aug 09, 2021

Are you using Saxon Math or thinking about it? Great! Here is your one-stop-shop, to answer all your questions and encourage you along this rewarding journey! 

Why Saxon? 


 Edition Differences:  


Must Watch Interviews on Saxon Math: 


Where To Find Older Editions: 


The Man Behind The Vision:



Interview With Nancy Larson 


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What About Nicole The Math Lady?

One thing that I REALLY appreciate about Dr. Lybrand is that he focuses on outcomes vs the perfect curriculum. This is a perspective that has truly changed how I view pretty much everything in life. This video is no way is trying to "dis" Ms. Nicole or those who use her videos, it's simply trying to help you see things in a different way with a long term outcome in mind. Ultimately, it's your choice the tools you use to achieve whatever your vision is.


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