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Exploring the Tuttle Twins' Latest Release: Guide to True Conspiracies

tuttle twins Oct 13, 2023

If you've been following my channel, you're likely aware of our deep appreciation for the Tuttle Twins series. Today, I'm thrilled to share my thoughts on their newest book, which happens to launch on Friday the 13th. Join me as we dive into "The Tuttle Twins Guide to True Conspiracies," a perfect addition to the Tuttle Twins guide book series.

 Unveiling True Conspiracies: A Homeschooling Adventure

I often incorporate thought-provoking content into our nightly read-aloud sessions as a homeschooling mom. It's a time when we can collectively explore new ideas, and I must say, the Tuttle Twins series has been a fantastic resource for sparking engaging conversations.

Today, I want to focus on their latest release, "The Tuttle Twins Guide to True Conspiracies." This book delves into the intriguing world of conspiracy theories, offering a captivating educational experience for both children and adults. Let's break down the book's structure and its educational value.

Inside "The...

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Ignorance or Neglect? The State of History Education for Kids

history tuttle twins Jun 12, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, it is becoming increasingly evident that many children have limited knowledge when it comes to history. This lack of historical understanding among kids can be attributed to various factors, which hinder their ability to grasp the significance of past events and their impact on the present. In this blog post, we will delve into these reasons and shed light on why history education often falls short in capturing the attention and curiosity of young learners.

1. Curriculum Emphasis:

One major reason behind the limited historical knowledge among children is the emphasis placed on other subjects within the educational system. With an increased focus on STEM subjects or core academic areas, history is sometimes relegated to a secondary role, resulting in reduced instructional time dedicated to the subject.

2. Teaching Methods:

The methods employed to teach history can significantly impact a child's engagement and retention of historical knowledge. Traditional...

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"Clearly, our homeschools must teach children about government. This education is complicated by the fact that we have essentially two classes of governments-the ones that Americans have agreed to under the federal Constitution and Bill of Rights, state constitutions, and local charters and the ones that we live under, which are quite different.
Perpetuated by now vast bureaucracies and often unprincipled politicians, these governments have assumed roles that are not specified or permitted by agreement with the people.
This second class-the government we have today-continually spends vast resources “educating” the people with propaganda activities. About which class of government should we teach our children? The practical answer must be both."
– Dr. Arthur Robinson

The Tuttle Twins books have come onto the scene and I LOVE THEM! I have formed a homeschool book club centering around these books, teaching libertarian...
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