From Overwhelm and Stress


Feeling Confident and Experiencing a Peaceful, Sustainable, Homeschooling Journey!


This Course Could Change Your Life!

You don't have to do this alone or painfully try to piece it all together like I did. This course is the shortcut to take you from surviving to thriving, or simply from questions to confidence. Step by step I will show you the process. 

Before I Tell You All About This Life-Changing Program, Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For...


Something doesn't feel quite right and you can't picture yourself going on how you have for years on end. Even though you know these are the most precious years with your family, homeschooling has made you go from a dear mother to mommy dearest. This is not your average traditional, homeschool course! If any of these apply to you, then this course is perfect for you.

  • Overwhelmed with Homeschooling

  • Children Behind Academically

  • Burned Out and Ready To Throw In The Towel

  • Want High Quality Education For The Whole Family

  • Need Long Term, Sustainable, Homeschooling

  • Detest Busy Work

  • Need Mindset Coaching to Overcome Self Destructive Patterns

By The End Of This Program,

You Will Have…


  • Learned How To Control Your Emotions and State Throughout the Day

    If mom is not happy, no one is happy. It all starts with you!
  • Organized Your Household and Routine Using a Proven Model from The Business World

    Don't become a martyr or cripple your children by doing everything, it's time to get organized!
  • Learned How to Implement the Self Study, Robinson Curriculum

    Promote yourself from teacher, to a Chief Learning Officer and reclaim your time and sanity!
  • Learned How to Troubleshoot Any Homeschooling Issues Along the Way

    Information you won't hear me share anywhere else.
  • Felt Supported Along the Way

    With weekly live Q & A's, you don't have to do this alone. You will have lifetime access to our private School House community board and one month access to The School House Membership Site. 

Hello! For those of you who are not familiar with me, I am a fellow homeschooling mom in the trenches with you. I have 6 children that yes, I actually enjoy homeschooling! From episodes to barely surviving and ready to throw in the towel to now thriving, thanks to the Robinson Curriculum, I share my knowledge, experience, and strategies in my courses. My goal is to save you time, effort, sanity and help you go from questions to confidence! 

Karen Rodriguez
Robinson Curriculum Ambassador

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I lay out the course syllabus so you can be confident in what you are purchasing and if it is for you. I also offer a lower-cost option to access all of my courses, displayed next to every full-price, lifetime purchase option as an affordable way to preview all the content as long as you are a member. Before purchasing, If you still have any questions not answered here, please email me at [email protected]
Due to these factors and the nature of digital products, I do not offer refunds on courses/online workshops and digital products.

Karen Rodriguez is a mom of six with a great husband and like all moms, she wears a dozen hats: mother, wife, cook, house-keeper, nurse, mom's taxi, etc. But most importantly she also directs the education of her children. For thousands of others, she has leveraged her experiences in life and with the Robinson Curriculum to be the orientation guide to the Robinson Curriculum and homeschooling in general. In fact, we are privileged to have her act as the RC Ambassador to thousands of appreciative YouTube viewers. She has climbed some tough learning curves to order to help smooth the way for others. Check out her work at: www.sustainablehomeschooling.com
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What’s Inside Sustainable Homeschooling 101

(26 Modules)


Phase 1


Going over the academics only is not going to make the huge transformation we are after. In order to create new habits, and a clear path towards defined goals and vision, we MUST work on the foundation first. In many cases it will require tearing down old structures of limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns in order to build a stronger building.

Module Highlights:

Get ready to learn how your brain works, why you do the things you do, feel the way you do and how to change it..

  • Understanding How The Brain Works
  • Controlling Your State
  • Organizing Your Day In An Efficient Way
Phase 2

Robinson Curriculum 

In this phase, individual modules will cover each component of the Robinson Curriculum in detail. From questions to complete confidence when implementing this different, but very necessary curriculum. 

Module Highlights:

Each module in this phase contains an in depth video explanation. Along with the video you will have the following support items:

  • Helpful PDF Guide
  • Audio Download
  • Slidedeck Presentation Download
Phase 3


In this phase we go over some frequently asked questions as well as how to deal with the common issues that can pop up when making this transition. By being prepared with what to expect and a set of choices you can pick from, you will feel empowered to rally through any rough patches. You won't regret it once you get to the other side, of a peaceful home with academic excellence, and without a teacher!

Module Highlights:

  • RC Rules
  • Study Habits
  • Learning Challenges


"I have been homeschooling for 15 years. I am a pastor's wife, and we have 13 children. Our oldest is a freshman in college, and our youngest is 2. Never have I been so excited, so thankful, or so RELIEVED in our homeschooling -- as I am with RC under your guidance on youtube and on your Sustainable Homeschooling site.

We have tried so many different curricula. I actually lead a Charlotte Mason group here, where we are studying her books and discussing her methods. But CM curricula left me so overwhelmed, overtaxed, and irritated that I could not just be a MOTHER and enjoy my children -- I was constantly having to twirl different subjects in the air and keep them spinning while my children rushed to the next thing, waiting for me to find that "plate" and give it to them.
We started RC a few weeks ago, along with Dr. Lybrand's writing course. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I had no clue my children were such fun writers to read! And I saw an email my 15-year old son sent to his brother in college -- where he wrote, "I am actually progressing in school now." (!!!!!!!) I didn't know how the children felt about it -- but that spoke volumes.
 I am so much calmer, I have time to spend on my Littles, I can freely invite people over because I am confident in my children's learning and our house is staying cleaner (!) (I think because I have more time to devote to little things like that and because you inspired me to really get the children involved and DELEGATE), I am free to meet my 80-year old friend for coffee because my children know how to do their work when I am not here."


Thank you for all the great content! I started the Robinson curriculum in March of this year. I am enjoying the changes in my kids and me. I am a recovering check all the many boxes and we just have to get it done before we get “behind.” Which is exhausting! Now we take it one day at a time. The 3 R’s and pick up where we left off the day before. My boys (6&8) are thriving on the “routine”. This is an easy routine, they know what’s coming! We are doing “year round” now, and I love it. The boys don’t know any different and we still have lots of time for outings (If they decide to seize the day)-lol. There are so many pros to R.C. 1. Cost savings (if you don’t go nuts buying books) I love that I don’t have to buy new expensive curriculum every year and still not being happy with it. 2. No planning for “what are we doing today?” 3. Kids becoming self lead and learning independently of what I can teach them. 4. You can take your work with you, without taking the kitchen sink;). I like minimalism so the less stuff the better (unless it’s books).
Thank you and keep making great videos!.

Still Thinking About It?

Sustainable Homeschooling is PERFECT for you if… 

  • You Are Overwhelmed With Homeschooling

  • Your Children Are Behind Academically

  • You Are Burned Out and Ready To Throw In The Towel

  • You Want A High Quality Education For The Whole Family

  • You Need Long Term, Sustainable, Homeschooling

  • You Detest Busy Work

  • You Need Mindset Coaching to Overcome Self Destructive Patterns

  • You Need a Little Support From a Friend Along The Way, Who Has Been There!

I can’t wait for you to take Sustainable Homeschooling 101


Once upon a time, there was a homeschooling zealot who was even tempted herself, to send her kids to public school. It took a stroke during her 6th pregnancy to shatter everything and realize how putting everything on mom was not wise for many reasons.

Cut to the Robinson Curriculum and how it transformed our household and now gladly being an ambassador for them because no matter what is out there at the moment, I am not tempted one bit to change what I am doing. I know this works! This is the way to Sustainable Homeschooling.

If you have followed my free content on youtube for the last few years or taken any of my other courses, you know I only create courses, that I wished I had myself when I first started. I create them with you in mind, because I also was there. This course is not about convincing you to homeschool, this course is about working yourself out of a teaching job, and letting your children soar way beyond your own capabilities. Join me!