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The Homeschooling Book Journal (Book Record-Keeping and Journaling)

Reading unlocks ideas and worlds. This stylish journal created exclusively for homeschoolers includes an empty list for students to record what they've read and how they felt about it.

"When you read, read! Too many students just half-read. I never read without summarizing and so understanding what I read. The art of memory is the art of understanding." -Roscoe Pound.

Designed by a book enthusiast and homeschool mom of six, The Homeschooling Book Journal is the ideal companion for all your literary adventures in the K-12 academic journey.

This journal contains:

-A blank list of 100 book titles for the student to fill in
-An entry for each book to record details, thoughts, and sketches

Benefits of keeping a reading journal:
-Academic record-keeping of reading and writing
-It keeps track of what they've read and when they've read it
-It ensures they capture the ideas and inspirations they've learned with each book
-It helps them record thoughts and feelings and process the content more thoroughly and accurately.
-When they go back to read old reading journals, it often brings to mind what was going on in their life at the time and perhaps why—or why not—a book resonated with them
-Allows favorite quotes to be recorded and internalized
- They will get a sense of satisfaction from knowing how much they've read and how much you've benefited from it
-It keeps old friends alive, as their favorite book characters will never be forgotten

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