2022 RC Homeschool Digital Planner

A digital planner to make record-keeping and home organization easier in 2022.


One Planner Fits All

Included is a tutorial video showing how you can easily customize this planner, whether you have one child or fifteen! Included are digital stickers and additional spreads to make your own. Easily duplicate and delete pages.

Minimalist Dream

Take up NO space at all, and always have your planner with you on your devices. You can export to the cloud or your hard drive at the end of the year. Save records for years without taking up any space in your home!

No White-Out Needed

If you hate erasing, crossing out, and generally having a not-so-good-looking page, a digital planner makes all the difference. Digitally erase or clear the page entirely and start over. Enjoy a beautiful planner daily.

“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.”

Dale Carnegie


“There are dreamers and there are planners; the planners make their dreams come true.”

Edwin Louis Cole


I LOVE LOVE LOVE your planner!!!! You did such a great job. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for.  Thank you!


I’m SO loving this!


This is amazing Karen! You have put so much thought and work into this!! I also do most all of my planning on my iPad, but it’s all over the place on different apps and such. I love that this is all consolidated into one area and everything I need is right there! I totally agree how nice it is to not have extra paper clutter or things taking up extra space. GREAT JOB! 😃 

A digital planner to make record-keeping and home organization easier in 2022.

What you'll get:

A dated, 12-month digital planner.

  • Weekly Planning Sheets
  • Monthly Check-Off Grids
  • Goal Planning and Home Management Forms  


  • An additional file of planner stickers to customize according to your preferences
  • Additional hexagon and dot grid spreads to add to your planner for a bullet journal digital experience