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A Week-by-Week PDF Guide on Letters, Character Development, Poetry, Manners, and Safety. 

Suppose you’re a busy parent, starting your home education journey, or wanting to fill in some gaps, looking to achieve consistent academic progress while striving towards becoming a more united family. In that case, you already know that you need a sustainable program that is both efficient and effective!

Before a solid academic foundation, I felt it was necessary to instill right from wrong, strong morals, and bonding through stories. I have never regretted that decision. The time will come in the following years to cross into heavier academic work, and it will be much easier once they have understood the importance of hard work and the need to cooperate with mom and dad's plans. 


Many Pre-K/K programs are costly, although the material is elementary. The cost convinces you that everything is done for you, and you open the program and check off the boxes. However, these curriculums are often filled with busy work and extras to make you feel you have your money's worth. They are burdensome to the parents and guilt you into continuing with the financial investment, and it becomes unsustainable and frustrating. The goal of this curriculum is to be sustainable and enjoyable.


By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Given Your Child a Strong Foundation in Alphabet Fluency

    Alphabet fluency is a good predictor of later reading success. Many older students with reading difficulties will score low on total alphabet recall. This indicates that they did not receive adequate instruction in alphabet fluency and needed remedial work in letter writing and identification. 
  • Taught Them 26 KJV Bible Verses for Letter-of-the-Week Memorization

    The verses chosen set the tone for teaching small children about Christian living- that is, how to be good! This is one of the great themes of the Bible, and children must be taught right from wrong as well as simple courtesy and good manners.
  • Taught and Used The Bible to Teach and Discipline Them Effectively

    We must turn back to the Bible, the source of all wisdom. A glance at our society is proof enough that man's answers, divorced from God's law, are merely roads toward confusion and destruction. This component is simply a topical arrangement with ideas for practical application in everyday life. (All verses are in KJV)
  • Taught Them Practical Life Skills for Every Stage of Life

    Instill a firm foundation upon which your children will build their entire lives. Acknowledge that no one else was chosen to parent these children. God chose you.
  • Taught Them Manners

    Good manners are a reflection of a person's heart and soul. This component teaches manners through poetry and literature that illustrates the connection between good manners and good character. If we insist on courtesy and kindness in our homes and practice these virtues daily, our children will follow our example. 
When Karen first posted the video that she was going to soon have a pre-k curriculum (last year) with a biblical foundation, I was so excited.
I have been searching for something that includes KJV only bible verses and expounded on the word of God.
I noticed that many curriculums these days don't have that for pre-k or they have the wrong bible version. It was disheartening not finding one I liked and something I could afford.
My husband is the sole provider for our house, and I am a stay at home mother. So it was really nice to be able to afford this curriculum at a discounted price. My husband was excited for me to find something that I needed and that was affordable. I was praying for something like this. It was an answer to my prayers. I can't wait to keep using this for my 2 younger kids, and I use it for my older kids too. It has been a blessing. I like the images & color scheme. Thank you Karen and your team for an awesome curriculum. You guys did a wonderful job. Praise the Lord!
I noticed some things could use some changes when I purchased the curriculum. I gave many suggestions and feedback. Karen was amazing and promptly made the appropriate changes. I am blown away by the customer service that was provided. It means a lot to me that she listened and made the changes. I am so grateful. I love the community she has built as well.
I hope that many children are able to benefit from this curriculum. I can't wait to share this curriculum with others.
-Jenny W.

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This preschool program is exactly what I needed. I have 5 children and 4 of them are 5 and under. So I am grateful for such an organized program that doesn't take too long to go through with my children. My favorite part about the course is the emphasis on manners and Biblical instruction.

-Tiffany H.

So much more than Pre-K!
My 4 year old is learning her letters with ease while my 7 and 11 year old (and me! ha!) are learning valuable character trades and manners from the Bible and other great resources. And all without feeling overwhelmed.
We are greatly enjoying it! I am planning on going back over the Character/Manner part once a year and using the Pre-K part as needed for the next child in line.
Also love the book recommendations! 
Thank you so much Karen!!
We are just beginning with this course in our house. I’m starting with my five year old that is way more interested in being a ninja than learning letters! 
The bite sized lessons are perfect for us! He loved that he get to do “school” with his siblings and I love the emphasis on character building!
What a blessing all of Karen’s courses have been in our homes,we will use this again as our littlest one gets older. It’s going to make going into the RC program seamless and doesn’t have to be just for RC! Any preschool aged child and Mamma would benefit from this preschool guide! 
It’s all here Mammas, no fluff and teaching all the good things without overwhelm!! 

What’s Inside Sustainable Pre-K


Growing Minds: Pre-K Learning for Life

A practical, sustainable Pre-K Curriculum for busy parents to lay a solid foundation in academics and character.  A 26-week-by-week PDF guide on letters, character development, poetry, manners, and safety.

Program Highlights:

  • Letter of the Week Activities
  • Biblical Character Study and Application
  • Practical Life Skills For All Ages
  • Learning Manners through Poetry and Literature
  • Bonus Read-Aloud Recommendations
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Plus These Bonuses to Help You With Tough Topics and Boosting Observational Skills


Bonus 1

Personal Safety: Strangers and Touching

No resource better equipped me to teach my kids about these sensitive topics than the instruction from "What Every Child Should Know Along The Way." As much as I hate that we even have to cover this, and this is the world we live in, it is necessary for our kid's protection. It is also essential to do it in a way that does not instill fear and, as the bible says, remaining simple concerning that which is evil. I believe this PDF Guide does a great job of protecting kids' innocence and safety.

What You’ll Get:

  • 11 page PDF Guide
Bonus 2

5 Minute Lessons For The Busy Parent

One of my favorite voices in the early homeschool movement was Elly Frances Lynch. Although I never met her, and she passed away long ago, she directly influenced my homeschooling path just as much as Dr. Robinson. I was introduced to her through the Robinson Curriculum in one of the bonuses. I still use her book, Educating the Child at Home, almost daily and refer to it often for motivation. 

One gem that is free on the internet but rarely talked about is the attached 5-minute lessons. I find them to be precious and perfect for busy parents. I hope you enjoy them!

What You’ll Get:

  • 35- Five Minute Lessons

I can’t wait for you to join Sustainable Pre-K

As a mother of 6 who has gone through the Pre-K stage several times, I can share with you what worked and what tended to be overkill and not sustainable. I intensely felt pressure from my peers to get started early and focus on academics. The brighter, the better, the more advanced, the better mother you appear to be, etc. However, I chose a different path, and I can look back and say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Rather than focus on making sure my 3-4-5yo could read perfectly, had perfect penmanship, or memorized Latin, I chose to focus on character. Before a solid academic foundation, I felt instilling right from wrong, strong morals, and bonding through stories was necessary. I hope this will bless you as it has me with the sweetest memories. Remember that the days are long, but the years are short. 

Karen’s Pre-K Curriculum has been an absolute blessing because it will not only help me with my Pre-K child when he’s a bit older and ready to start but right now is helping me close the gap with my older son with all the character lessons. I’ve already started noticing a change in their behaviors for the better and we are still working through the curriculum. Such a valuable resource to help teach your children! Highly recommend!! 
We started a little late on the program, I got pregnant just before school started in September and the morning sickness put us a little far behind on things. I have five little boys, ages 7, 5 (year old twins), 3 (almost 4) and 18 months who are doing the pre-K program together. 
The older boys are using the letters as a chance to learn how to write their letters, my 7 year old is participating in the character building portion and the little little guys are learning to sit and listen. 
This program has been such a blessing! As a new homeschool mom who is already overwhelmed,, the ability to open the book, follow your suggestions and get some quality lessons in has been incredible! 
As a family the character training as helped us all so much. As newer Christians (My Husband was saved in 2014 and myself in 2015) we are learning just as much as we are teaching them going through the Bible and learning how to apply God’s word to our lives. The lesson on complaining: changed all of us for the better! 
I cannot thank you enough for this program and your hard work! It has been a real blessing to participate in the trial and I look forward to using some more of your programs in the future! 
We are not doing RC, we have a more classical focus at the moment, so if anyone wanting to know if this program will work- it is super flexible but so helpful! 


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Sustainable Pre-K & Bonuses | Pay Once + Lifetime Access

Pay Once + Lifetime Access