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From overwhelmed & self-doubts to confidence with clarity to build a strong foundation in the early homeschool years!


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14 Module Videos, PDF Workbook & Bonuses:

If any of these apply to you, then this course is for you!

  • Have a child between the ages of 4-10.

  • Starting from the very beginning with homeschooling or transitioning over from the ages of 4-10.

  • Need to fill in academic gaps in the areas of reading phonetically, memorizing math facts, and writing.


"I’m so glad I came across this course! I have 3 toddlers that I’m starting to teach and Karens videos are broken down into the perfect size chunks, I’ve never been so confident about teaching my kids at home!"

By The End Of This Program,

You Will Have…


  • A Clear Plan For The Early Years

    Efficient is doing things right, but effective is choosing the RIGHT THINGS. This course focuses on the basics that need to be solid!
  • Confidence In This Method of Homeschooling

    From questions to confidence, you will know not just the how, but the WHY.
  • Lifetime Access To A Step by Step Video Guide

    Use again and again! 13 main video modules and PDF guide to take you from the very beginning to a self teaching homeschool.
  • Know How To Use The BEST (& FREE) Hidden Gems on the Internet

    No more spending money on costly or consumable curriculum in the early years! 
  • Understand What Most Homeschoolers Don't

    The importance of the work habit before a study habit, and how to build upon it.

Helping You Go From Questions To Confidence!

I'm a fellow homeschool mom in the trenches with you. I have 6 children that I actually enjoy homeschooling, imagine that! From episodes of surviving to now thriving, thanks to the Robinson Curriculum, I share lessons learned from past mistakes and what has truly worked in this course. My goals are to help each and every homeschooling parent, go from questions to confidence and to amplify the common sense voices of the past and today that are being drowned out in a noisy, commercial minded, homeschool world.

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R.C. Course For Littles 2.0 has given me a straight forward plan to doing the full blown Robinson Curriculum. I love this timeless approach to learning.


Thank you so much for developing this course. It has made me a more confident teacher. Knowing that I’m not skipping important steps or leaving holes that would make it harder for my kids in the future! 


As a mom of 12 with over 35 years of homeschooling experience, this course is very well done and full of rich, succinct, east to implement, instruction! I wish I would have it 10 kids ago!


I love the simplistic approach...I have tried many programs and this is so complete and yet so simple. Thank you!


This course was so helpful. Karen holds your hand and walks you step by step through each part of the program. I have implemented many of these ideas into my homeschool already and am seeing results. I am so thankful that she has worked out all the kinks and shared the finished product with us.

"This course has given me a simple game plan to get them up to speed and then keep them on track with RC. I have to work outside the home so I need something I can tell grandma that they need to do for the morning and at night we will go over the things that need instruction or 1 on 1 time with. Thank you again for this simple but effective approach to getting your kids up to speed with reading, writing and arithmetic."



"At first I wasn't sure how you could improve on the first one but you did a great job. You left me with no questions and I love that you put your real life experience in there so it's not just a guide but a comprehensive user's manual with tried and true methods that work. In my experience it can be hard to implement a method from history and think it just won't work because times have changed but you've been a great inspiration that I and others can be successful! RC for Littles is exactly what every parent needs to be watching. It explains every part of the schooling process from toddler to school age in great detail. Thank you for this amazing breakdown, putting everything in bite size chunks the way you did took away the overwhelming and anxious feelings of homeschooling. I now feel more confident than ever that RC is most definitely the right choice for our family."

-B. K.

What’s Inside RC Course For Littles 2.0


Module 1


From learning how to count to ten, to starting Saxon 54, this module takes you step by step in 7 easy video lessons.


  • 2 Methods of Math Fact Memorization (Traditional & Alternative)
  • 7 Video Lessons & PDF Guide.
  • FREE materials to use, all you need is a printer!
Module 2


From learning the ABC's to starting the RC book list, and daily writing assignment, this module takes you step by step in 6 easy video lessons.

Module Highlights:

  • Integration of reading and writing lessons for efficient teaching time
  • Strong Phonics Approach to avoid reading challenges
  • FREE materials to use, all you need is a printer!


"The RC for Littles Course was well organized and easy to navigate with an added personal understanding from a homeschool mother. The Littles Course provided me with the confidence needed to homeschool my children and successfully transition them to be independent learners of the Robinson Curriculum."


Appreciate the use of poetry memorization to advance reading skills. The resource books are definitely of interest. Suggesting alternate routes of approaching the subjects are a great idea for those struggling students but offer a variety of approaches to the everyday homeschooling experience. The instructions are clear and your speaking is well pronounced.

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


RC Course For Littles 2.0
(A $125 Value)


  • 15 Modules

    Taking you through the process how to start from the very beginning to where a self teaching methodology can be implemented. 

  • From Counting to Saxon 54

    Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is choosing the right things. No busy work here!
  • From ABC's to RC Book List and Daily Writing Assignments

    Learn how to instill a love of books, as you teach them the beauty of the English language and how to unlock this super power called reading. Your kids will stand apart from their peers being able to express themselves through the lost art of pen to paper daily.

Plus These Bonuses to Help Your Homeschool Success 


Bonus 1

RC Course For Littles Bonus Videos

Exclusive videos that will enhance your overall homeschooling. These are the things I wish someone explained to me before I started!

(A $99 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Teaching Tips for Learning Challenges
  • How To Teach Observation
  • How To Teach English
  • How To Teach Spelling
  • How To Develop The Work Habit
  • Covering State Requirements
  • Poetry- A Powerful Tool
Bonus 2

One Month Free Membership (Live Support)

You don't have to do this alone! Get a voucher for a FREE month and have access to live zoom calls, and an archive of previous month's Q & A's and Training.

(A $15 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • One month Free access to membership site. (Link set in welcome email)
  • Access to archive of trainings, live Q &A's and much more
Bonus 3

Sustainable Homeschooling 101

My signature course with 26 modules broken up in 3 phases: Mindset, The Robinson Curriculum and Troubleshooting. Accessible through your one month free trial of the membership site.

(A $125 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • 8 foundational video modules covering my favorite NLP techniques and how to organize your life
  • 10 updated Robinson Curriculum explanation videos
  • 8 Troubleshooting videos on the most common issues I heard through coaching calls and how to overcome the challenges

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

RC Course For Littles 2.0 - $125 Value

  • RC Course For Littles Bonus Videos - $99 Value
  • One Month Membership FREE Trial - $15 Value
  • Sustainable Homeschooling 101 Signature Course - $125 Value

Total Value: $364

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $364

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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I Care About Your Satisfaction More Than A Sale!

I want you to be able to buy with confidence. In the rare event you look over this course and find that it's not what you were looking for, you can contact me for a full refund within 24 hours of purchase. 

Please note in order to keep this policy in place with a digital product, there is one rule: In order to qualify for a refund, you can not have watched more than 20% of the course or downloaded materials. 

To help you make the most informed decision from the start, I have included a detailed syllabus here and I hope by now you are familiar with my work and in general teaching style :)


"I loved the simplicity of the course. There is no fluff in it. It is just a perfect way to start our little ones off right. Plus, Karen is the sweetest mentor ever. She truly cares about anything I've ever had a question about since taking the course."

Frequently Asked Questions

Karen Rodriguez is a mom of six with a great husband and like all moms, she wears a dozen hats: mother, wife, cook, house-keeper, nurse, mom's taxi, etc. But most importantly she also directs the education of her children. For thousands of others, she has leveraged her experiences in life and with the Robinson Curriculum to be the orientation guide to the Robinson Curriculum and homeschooling in general. In fact, we are privileged to have her act as the RC Ambassador to thousands of appreciative YouTube viewers. She has climbed some tough learning curves to order to help smooth the way for others. Check out her work at:
Arnold Jagt
Technical Support 517-376-3164

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Still thinking about it?

How about some more testimonials?

"I have watched all of the Littles 2.0 videos and I have several pages of notes. You did a wonderful job giving me a great roadmap to feel confident about starting the RC program. After one week of implementing this course of study in our homeschool I can already tell the difference in my two boys. I am super excited to see where we will be in a month, a year and many years down the road as we continue with RC. Thank you for giving me the right info I needed to feel confident about this new journey. I look forward to learning more from you."


"The RC for Littles course is my guide through the toughest part of homeschooling-teaching a child to read, write and begin with math.  The methods are so simple, yet so effective.  It's incredible to see a how a child can progress with just 30-60 minutes a day from mom  if one just sticks to the basics. RC Course for Littles will you give the confidence to keep it simple and low-stress without the need for costly supplemental materials.  I have even had success using Karen’s methods while working with a dyslexic child.  I can’t imagine homeschooling any other way!"


As a first-time homeschooling mom, I was intimidated by the many curriculum options out there. 
I tried several different curriculums and found them all to be overly complicated and not very practical for a mom with younger children to take care of and a household to run. Thankfully, I discovered the Robinson Curriculum through Karen Rodriguez's YouTube channel and was relieved to have finally found a no-nonsense approach to homeschooling. Karen's videos were a great resource for me while I was transitioning my child to RC, and her new RC Course for Littles is a one-stop shop for all of the valuable tips and tricks she has learned by using the curriculum with her own children. My first child has been very successful with RC and I look forward to using the same techniques outlined in the RC Course for Littles with my other children when they are ready. Bottom line, this course is stress-free, simple and effective!



"Karen's course, "RC Course for Littles 2.0," is a dream come true, for our family and my mommy heart. The first version of the course was well enough, and yet I'm so grateful Karen decided to tweak it, because she unlocked so much more wisdom into her methods.

Karen provides information in a clear, easy, and concise way. This course provides even more detailed, step by step instructions, that are so well illustrated and executed, she makes teaching our children "stupid easy," (done without question or hesitation).

The RC way for early childhood education via RC Course for Littles 2.0 is perfect for the minimalist mom or simply the wise mom, who understands the value of simple, long lasting, and effective (sustainable) teaching. Karen teaches mamas how to teach their children not only the Three Rs in a straightforward and systematic way, but also how to develop the character skills, study skills, and life skills that are so fundamental and so foundational for a successful life!

Before I found Karen and the Our House youtube channel, I was a stressed out, overwhelmed, evil stepmother trying to homeschool multiple children with what felt like a million and one subjects. Now, I'm a more relaxed, organized, and fun loving mama to my four Littles because of this course and the RC philosophy (and the other courses Karen offers on her website/membership). I'm so glad I made the switch from "surviving to thriving!" Thank you, Karen. No looking back for me."



"I am a first time homeschool mom and the countless options for curriculum were starting to overwhelm me.  I am so thankful that I found the RC COURSE FOR LITTLES; it was exactly what I needed!  It contains the foundational basics of Reading, Writing, and Math all broken down into simple teaching steps.  In the video modules, Karen talks you through all of the learning activities and shows examples of teaching the lessons to her own children.  


The PDF provided with each video module includes: an outline of activities and materials needed; along with helpful tips and links to numerous free resources.  She has made it so easy for busy moms to focus in on exactly which skills they need to teach their children and has provided a practical approach for teaching those skills.  Just taking this course has given me so much confidence in my ability to homeschool.  Whether you will be homeschooling with the Robinson Curriculum or something different, I highly recommend this course to anyone with kids age 4 to 7."

I can’t wait for you to join RC Course For Littles 2.0

If I could only hop in a time machine and go back in time...

I would make a cup of tea for my younger self, and reassure her of what her role was and wasn't. How to set a strong foundation and what to avoid. What is choosing the right things and what is spinning my wheels with doing other things right, but that were not necessary. The time I could have saved myself, as well as energy, would have been priceless! The struggles that could have been spared because my expectations were wrong and my plan was flawed can at least now be used to help you avoid those pitfalls.

Unfortunately I can't go back. Those pangs of regret must be the price we pay for wisdom. However, the next best thing I can do is share that information with you today. I am truly cheering for you!

I'll see you on the other side of the membership portal.

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