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I help overwhelmed, burned-out homeschool parents, achieve sustainable and enjoyable homeschooling with 3 courses to take you from pre-k to graduation and chaos to a well-run home with weekly live support.
My membership site is a one-stop shop to have access to all my courses, weekly lives, a private community board (not on FB), a freebie library, and more for only $15 a month! 

Gain access to each course ($125 value each) for as long as you are a member for only $15 a month.

 The School House Membership is a no-distraction zone to get the info you need, support you find encouraging, and the tools to take charge in your home.

Join me for live Q &A's every week and gain access to all of my digital courses as long as you're a member, and you can cancel at any time. You will also gain access to an exclusive freebie library and community board! 

RC Course For Littles 2.0

How To Run Your Home Like a Franchise

Sustainable Homeschooling 101

Imagine ...

Yes, the first step is you have to be able to visualize it! 


  • A well-run home in the spirit of a well-organized franchise rather than a sinking small business where the owner does all the work and burns out.
  • Your children are teaching themselves and developing excellent study habits!
  • You are in control of your emotional state, how your brain works, and saying goodbye to "mommy dearest" when things don't go as planned. 
  • Get the instruction you need that you won't find in any other homeschool coaching program.

Yes, this is all very realistic, and the information is here on this membership site!

I built this community with you in mind.

I created the "School House" as a one-stop shop where I could offer you as much value as possible at an affordable price while avoiding the pitfalls of social media. Visit and get what you need, then go about your day motivated to implement what you learned.


"I love being a part of this membership site! The amount of content each month for only $15 is a steal. I think the best part is connecting with likeminded moms."


"The membership site helps motivate, encourage and empower me when it comes to homeschooling and using the Robinson Curriculum."


"I am so thankful to now be a part of your membership sight. I have gained so much wisdom from your videos. Our family is new to RC and since we have switched I have found peace in our homeschool journey. I am looking forward to growing in knowledge and wisdom and having the encouragement from a likeminded community. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping others learn how to find joy in effectively homeschooling their children and so many other aspects of running the home."


To me, "The Modern League of Teacher-Mothers" and "Our House" is a ministry that the Lord is using in a mighty way to help build strong, fruitful, godly homes against the enemy and the secular humanistic agenda in our culture. Thank you so much, Karen!

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 Gain access to all my digital courses and weekly live Q & As. 


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Karen is like a cheerleader, encouraging you along, supplying much needed wisdom, and has been a rock for me in so many instances when I was at my lowest points.  This membership site is like having Karen as your personal friend.  She has recorded hours of helpful information on so many topics: homeschooling, mothering, mindset, just everything that you need and didn’t even know you needed!  Signing up for the membership gives you the extra edge you need to set you, and your children up for success. What are you waiting for? 


"I have been homeschooling for 15 years. I am a pastor's wife, and we have 13 children. Our oldest is a freshman in college, and our youngest is 2. Never have I been so excited, so thankful, or so RELIEVED in our homeschooling -- as I am with RC under your guidance on youtube and on your Sustainable Homeschooling site.

We have tried so many different curricula. I actually lead a Charlotte Mason group here, where we are studying her books and discussing her methods. But CM curricula left me so overwhelmed, overtaxed, and irritated that I could not just be a MOTHER and enjoy my children -- I was constantly having to twirl different subjects in the air and keep them spinning while my children rushed to the next thing, waiting for me to find that "plate" and give it to them.
We started RC a few weeks ago, along with Dr. Lybrand's writing course. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I had no clue my children were such fun writers to read! And I saw an email my 15-year old son sent to his brother in college -- where he wrote, "I am actually progressing in school now." (!!!!!!!) I didn't know how the children felt about it -- but that spoke volumes.
 I am so much calmer, I have time to spend on my Littles, I can freely invite people over because I am confident in my children's learning and our house is staying cleaner (!) (I think because I have more time to devote to little things like that and because you inspired me to really get the children involved and DELEGATE), I am free to meet my 80-year old friend for coffee because my children know how to do their work when I am not here."



My Signature Homeschooling Course

26 videos covering mindset, the Robinson Curriculum and troubleshooting issues. While you will not have lifetime access or be able to download the videos and audio files, you will have access to watch the course as long as you are a member. 


All The Tools You Need To Run Your Home Efficiently and Effectively 

From Surviving to Thriving!

Create your sustainable home management system

with a proven 7- step franchise formula applied to the home without Mom doing everything.


K-3rd Proven Homeschool Formula

From overwhelmed & self-doubts to confidence with clarity to build a strong foundation in the early homeschool years!


What You Get When You Join:


  • Homeschool training focused on the 3 R's (Robinson Curriculum) and other topics of homeschooling interest around sustainable, common sense lessons at home. No burnout zone! 
  • Join me weekly for live Q &A's to answer YOUR questions. I'm here to motivate you, encourage you, and give you practical step-by-step advice and tips. Delivered in real-time to answer your questions with replay access.
  • Exclusive Freebies
  • Access To All Of My Digital Courses
  • Sustainable Homeschooling 101How To Run Your Home Like a Franchise, and RC Course for Littles 2.0. Each course is available for purchase at $125 each, but you will have access to them as long as you're a member.
Karen Rodriguez is a mom of six with a great husband and like all moms, she wears a dozen hats: mother, wife, cook, house-keeper, nurse, mom's taxi, etc. But most importantly she also directs the education of her children. For thousands of others, she has leveraged her experiences in life and with the Robinson Curriculum to be the orientation guide to the Robinson Curriculum and homeschooling in general. In fact, we are privileged to have her act as the RC Ambassador to thousands of appreciative YouTube viewers. She has climbed some tough learning curves to order to help smooth the way for others. Check out her work at: www.sustainablehomeschooling.com
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Enroll in the School House Today!

Gain access to all my digital courses and weekly live Q & As. 

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I am a homeschool mother of four, and have been professionally trained with a  B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education as well as certified in Special  Education.

Despite my formal education, when I began my homeschooling  journey I felt overwhelmed, and ill prepared for the task at hand. For my  first two children, I was able to manage with the ABEKA curriculum.  However, the drawback was that it was extremely time consuming.

With the arrival of my third and fourth children, our homeschool method was no  longer feasible. I was frustrated, stressed, and discouraged. We tried a self  paced booklet curriculum, but found the academic content was  substandard. Fortunately, I discovered Karen’s videos and was introduced  to the Robinson Curriculum. Initially intrigued, I was concerned whether  the kids would really learn from books, and would they really study math 2  hours a day?

After implementing the method successfully over the last  year, I can say without hesitation that the answer is, “Yes!” My children  are writing, reading , problem solving independently. They are not merely  memorizing and regurgitating facts, but have developed a love of learning  that will last a lifetime. Since applying her methods, the children have  been more productive, efficient, and have found deeper enjoyment in their  homeschool experience.

What I have learned through Karen’s guidance,  has proved more valuable than my five years of formal teacher training. I  will always be grateful to have Karen as my mentor in my children’s  education. 


New Day Dawning


Karen is a wealth of knowledge. She is a great listener and easy to talk to. It was wonderful to talk to her and get her advice. She isn’t someone just trained to say the right answers, she knows her stuff because she is a seasoned RC mom herself. If you have the opportunity to talk to her I would not pass it up. She was a delight to talk with, so thankful for the opportunity.



I absolutely love the membership site! It is very encouraging and helpful for support as I use RC!



Karen was so helpful. I was having trouble figuring out a few things and after getting to talk with Karen about it it's much clearer. She is very knowledgeable. I feel like I have a much better grasp on what to do and a plan B as well, should my children need some extra work on some subjects. I loved the concept of RC learning when my husband discovered this program/curriculum. Now, overall I feel much less overwhelmed in figuring out implementation of RC with my children. Thank you, Karen!

Still thinking about it?


The School House is for you if… 

  • You have questions you would like answered.
  • You would like to connect with like-minded homeschoolers around a self-taught curriculum. 
  • You want to read more yourself and want your children to enjoy books and writing.
  • You are looking for an affordable option to access all of Our House's digital courses.
  • You would enjoy practical step-by-step plans and encouraging content to equip you in this area in life.
  • You are looking for a community to connect with outside of social media sites.
  • You are ready to go from questions to confidence!

I can't wait for you to join the School House! 


The different platforms I tried didn't feel right for a long time. I was trying to find the balance of something accessible and affordable to all but not on a social media platform designed to keep you on a scroll. This membership site is it! I can offer you my best content and answer all your questions at an affordable price that helps keep Our House going. 

I look forward to connecting with you on this more personal level!

See you on the other side,

Karen R.