How Can Kids Keep Track Of Their Own Weekly Progress? 

Make It Easy, Make It Sustainable!

*Now Also A 52-week Planner For Younger Kids Still Working With Parents. Keep track of math facts and phonics lessons more efficiently!

If you're a homeschooling parent looking for a sustainable way to keep track of all your kids' progress, then you already know you need a system that works!


Here it is!

Simple, Easy To Fill Out, and Keep Track of All Year Long.

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  • 2- 52 Week Assignment Record Forms
  • For Independent Kids: A simple form for all the kids to keep track of the 3R's and any extras you might assign. Ready to download and start using today. For Younger Kids: A simple form for you to keep track of the daily instructional work from math facts covered to phonics lessons and more. 2 Digital Planners to cover K-12 years.
  • A Link To Access Customizable Templates
  • Don't like the colors or font? Want to add a subject? You will receive a link to customizable templates you can access with a FREE Canva account. 

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